Snowy Lakes early spring update

The Snowy Lakes are a long way away as I suffer the vagaries of an English summer – mostly overcast, cool, windy and wet, with intermittent periods of sultry humidity. A three year Covid break from international travel meant family commitments were a high priority and despite ‘planning’ plenty of fishing, the realities of conflicting priorities and weather meant these were often cancelled or curtailed. But I did enjoy both boat and bank fishing. I also managed to stand on the banks of a favourite old haunt, the River Usk, in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. Unfortunately without a rod though, as I couldn’t work out how to book a beat!

A fishy River Usk – look but don’t touch!

My spies tell me the Snowy Lakes have continued to fish well throughout August. There’s been very little rain, some unusually warm days, and early signs of good midge action. It’s early for midge though, and big flies are still attractive to both browns and rainbows looking for a good feed.

Aside from very minor fluctuations up and down, Eucumbene’s level has been basically unchanged for months.

On to lake levels, and Lake Eucumbene levels remain healthy despite the dry spell. The lake is currently at 62.8%, and has been more or less stable for the last three months. Lake Jindabyne is at 73%, a slow but steady decline since last year’s 101%. Tantangara Reservoir is falling fast, and is at just 12.5% after reaching 40% two months ago.

The ‘tide marks’ of a slowly-receding Lake Jindabyne are plain to see in this pic, which Rod Allen kindly sent me.

Hot tips for September have to be Jindabyne and Tantangara. I am not a fan of falling lake levels as a rule, but Jindabyne has great shoreline access at this level, and Tantangara will have massive amounts of shallow yabby clay and easy-to-access flats at the north of the lake. My small nymph and midge fly boxes would be close to hand, with a couple of unweighted Woolly Buggers for some polaroiding over the sandy ledges on the Tantangara eastern shore – although I’ll be staying way in strong winds, which will really muddy the water under these fast-falling conditions.

A ripper Jindy brown to Ashley Allen.