Cormorant Carnage with Philip Weigall

Trout anglers in the southeastern region of Australia may have recently observed a downturn in fishing quality, coupled with white bird droppings coating the rocks near their beloved streams. The return of cormorants has undoubtedly left its mark on the fishing scene in recent months. In order to dissect this situation and provide valuable insights, […]


Autumn checkup, Ballarat lakes

After a warm and dry start to March, my usual reconnaissance of the local lakes had been delayed. Then a string of more autumnal days this week (including single digit minimums) suggested today was the day to have a quick look around. Stop 1 was Moorabool Reservoir, just up the road. Except for patches of […]


Raiders v Cruisers, Snowy Lakes

  I fish a lot with Rod Allen. He’s one of the few people I know who is more mad-about-trout-fishing than me. We both share a passion for sight-fishing, and we both think brown trout are the king of all fish. So, wandering the high banks of a clear high-country river or lake on a […]