Winter pictogram

The snow melt to melt a trout fisher's heart

The snow melt to melt a trout fisher’s heart

There are days when a picture speaks a thousand words (I just wish Telly Savalas had never sung that song).  And a lot of those days are in winter, with the low sun, and the fawn lansdcapes (definitely not beige). The last few weeks have been busy keeping up with demands for fish stocking in farm dams, dodging blizzards, and fitting in another trip to Port Moresby. Last weekend the ACT Fly Fishers had their weekend on Caddigat Lakes with mixed weather.  Snow one day, gales the next, bloody perfect day to wrap it up on Sunday. There’s a pic of the Eucumbene River above Kiandra bridge, and a panorama at the pull in near Bullocks Hill fire trail. I love this time of year!

Tight tippets all and yes, we’re still fishing, if you’re game!


Kiandra up stream

Alan Salisbury on Snaggy

John Fisher on Rodney George


Nathan on Snaggy

Shearing shed starry night

Snow on the hill over Kidney Dam


The trout cuddler

Always time for a quick pipe

Big mouth

A smile says it all


Dixieland milky way