The Best Hooks For Trout Flies

When it comes to flies, there is no more important component than the hook. Ask any flyfisher if they’ve ever had a bad experience with a fly hook and the answer is almost always yes. Straightening, breaking, blunt points… the list of issues goes on.

In recent years we’ve seen huge development in the area of barbless hooks. Both recreational and competition anglers are using them and the modern barbless hook has emerged as the preferred option for those willing to embrace new tech.

In this video, I discuss my favourite hooks for trout flies – and I’ve included further notes below.



This Tiemco hook stands out as being a superior hook for river nymphs with incredible holding power where pulling fish upstream is often necessary. The turned in point aids penetration and the SP (Spear Point) cuts in and holds in the fish’s mouth much like a barbed hook.

Hanak H 400 BL ®.eps


When getting your flies to the bottom matters, a jig style hook with a slotted bead will aid the fly in riding hook point up, thus protecting the point from snags. The H400 BL is another essential hook for river nymphs.



The H200 BL is a heavy wire hook ideal for stillwater nymphs. It features an extra long needle point for maximum penetration. The H200 is also great for heavier dressed (high floating) dry flies where a stronger hook than the H130BL is desired.



The H900 BL is an ideal hook for all manner of streamer patterns. It features a heavy wire for optimum strength and a wide gape for its size. These hooks are so strong, if anything they will break rather than open and so if a snag or rock is hit with the hook, it pays to inspect the point. Rest assured, when this hook is in a fish’s mouth, it stays there.



For delicate dry flies, use a light wire hook like Hanak’s H130 BL. Fight your fish a little softer but know your dry fly will ride high longer.


Hanak H260 BL

This is another hook that deserves mention. Often we need a hook suitable for streamers but with a shorter shank and that’s where this hook fits in. It features extremely strong heavy wire and an extra long needle point for deep penetration.

All these hooks are available at good fly shops including The Flyfisher in Melbourne.