TESTED: Vision Down Under Fly Rod

After more than a year fishing this rod, I thought a review was due.

Last year, I needed some flyfishing outfits for guiding, so I went to see the crew at The Flyfisher. Ross suggested the Vision Down Under rod and we went out the back for a few casts. The rod was a 10 weight, and it was paired with a Vision reel and a Scientific Anglers Titan Sink Tip line. I must admit being skeptical about this combination, but I had to have a cast. While the Vision was not as fast as the rods I was used to fishing, these needed to be more forgiving for customers who might have never cast a cod fly before.

So, I walked out of The Flyfisher with a rod I had never fished, a fly line I had never cast, and a fly reel that was of unknown potential. That weekend, I placed one of my twisted leaders on the line, added some 20lb tippet and had a cast – or quite a few actually.

The Frog Popper I tie is not a small fly, being attached to a 6/0 hook. Yet with enough back cast room, I was almost putting a full fly line out. I repeated the feat with one of my 5/0 Cod Snacks. Initial thoughts were that the rod and line were well matched. I could cast short or long accurately with a large fly. Tick.

The Vision was able to cast a big popper, no problem.

On the river, I found I could get good line speed and place a cast under branches if needed – with both large floating cod flies and subsurface flies. This was enough for me to order a couple more outfits with different lines, which were again well-matched to the rods.

So, the rods were used by me and my clients, lent to fly club members to cast, and taken to several other fly clubs for presentations. The rods handled every casting position/angle.

Works on cod.

In the field, I managed to get good line speed and to present flies with differing casts depending on the circumstances. The rods handled cod every bit as well as top range rods, and have also put some serious hurt on sight-fished carp.

When an opportunity to fish up north came along, and I thought, yep, the rods have done well for me so far, so I’ll take them on an adventure. Said adventure delivered barramundi, mangrove jack, queenfish, gold spot cod, spikey bream, and three different species of trevally. All these fish required accurate casts, and I needed to pull them out quickly before they could snag me. Fortunately, the Vision rods had the required backbone down low. For saltwater, the rods were rigged with Tropical fly lines which they handled well.

Top performance up north as well.

Overall, I am very happy with the Vision Down Under rods’ performance and adaptability. The outfits sold by The Flyfisher are well-balanced and easy to use – even if you have never cast a big fly before. The rods put a stack of hurt on fish and they have survived everything I have thrown at them so far. Add value for money, and you have an impressive outfit.

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