Tested – Semperfli Classic Waxed Tying Thread

We test some tying threads that make life on the vice a bit easier.

Semperfli has made a big splash on the fly-tying scene in recent years with its range of Nanosilk threads. These threads – ranging from gossamer-thin 30 Denier up to a nearly-indestructible 200 Denier model – have gained a reputation as the sturdiest, highest quality GSP threads on the market. They cover anything from tiny midge patterns, to massive predator flies.

To compliment the Nanosilk threads, Semperfli’s new Classic Waxed threads have arrived. These threads are exceptionally strong, hold materials securely with a minimum of wraps, and come in value-sized 240 yard spools.

Having sat down to play with these threads over the past few weeks, the first thing I noticed was their remarkable strength. Semperfli claim the Classic Waxed threads are up to 40% stronger than comparable products. For example, the 8/0 thread is rated at 750 grams of tensile strength – and it’s still thin enough to confidently tie flies down to 18s and 20s. The added confidence of using such strong thread makes fly-tying all the more relaxing.

The next feature I noticed was the increased grip offered by the waxing process. Even slippery synthetic wings are held in place with a minimum of turns. This also makes finicky work like placing tails on small nymphs much, much easier. One or two turns and you’re done.

The threads are produced through a proprietary polyester extrusion process, so they lay extremely flat on the shank. This allows you to use heavier thread on smaller hooks; I’ve been able to use the 6/0 thread on smaller size 14 hooks without issue.

The Classic Waxed threads are also corded, meaning they can be uncorded to produce quick, buggy dubbing loops without the need for a dedicated tool. With a few anti-clockwise spins, the thread becomes visibly flatter and easy to separate with a bodkin. Unlike UNI, which doesn’t easily uncord; or UTC and Danville’s, which risk fraying and breaking when split, Semperfli Classic Waxed splits easily into two obvious strands, making dubbing loops and CDC collars a breeze.

Currently, Classic Waxed threads are available in Australia in 12 colours and 6/0 or 8/0 size. For trout flies, there may be no better thread.

240yd spools are $8.95 each and available now at The Flyfisher. BUY NOW

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