Talk Wild Trout 2017

Now in its third year, Talk Wild Trout is on at the Mansfield Performing Arts Centre this Saturday, 11 November. For those who missed the first two events in 2015 and 2016, Talk Wild Trout is basically an opportunity for experts and researchers to present the latest information on Victoria’s wild trout fisheries direct to anglers. (Much of this information comes from work undertaken as part of Fisheries’ Wild Trout Management Program, started in 2014.)

What it’s all about – a lovely NE Vic wild brown.

The past events have attracted around 200 participants, and as well as receiving wild trout news, anglers get the chance to ask the experts questions. This year, a conference highlight will be hearing from noted New Zealand trout researcher and angler, John Hayes, who’ll discuss some of the factors that are likely to impact on the well-being of our trout fisheries.

John Hayes is the perfect presenter – an expert trout scientist who’s also a keen angler!

Another part of the conference I always look forward, to are the ‘Health Cards’ for several of our important trout streams. This year, we’ll get the fresh research data on some old favourites, as well as insights on some streams included in the research for the first time.

A nice brown from the Howqua in 2016. What’s the latest on this river?

One theme that has kept coming up at Talk Wild Trout, is how warm water can really limit the productivity of our trout streams. To me, last year’s conference really saw a turning point: from establishing the problems warm water causes for wild trout, to how we can fix it. It turns out that a few things like increasing streamside shade, and cover to reduce trout stress, can help significantly with summer water temperatures issues. This year, the Catchment Management Authorities will be reporting on some great work underway to create more shade and trout hiding places.

Shade is good – so what’s being done about it?

But wait, there’s more! We’ll hear about the new egg incubator box trials as a potentially ‘gentler’ means of supplementing wild trout stocks, the latest fishing pressure findings, a more light-hearted look at trout fishing from Jon Clewlow, angler involvement in building better wild trout fishing…

It’s sure to be an enjoyable and informative day, so if you’re interested (and the forecast is looking good to sneak in a bit of fishing either side) please register (it’s free) so the organisers can make sure there’s seats etc. for everyone.