Spring Issue of FlyStream Magazine out now

Our eighth issue is hot off the virtual press. Depending upon your location, the spring trout stream season has started or is going to in the next few weeks, so Joshua Hutchins has taken it upon himself to offer 10 steps to your stream fishing success this year.

To back him up with a more technical bent, Craig Coltman shares the latest developments in French nymphing. Once the preserve of competition flyfishing, French nymphing has developed into a really practical, versatile and super-effective stream fishing technique that everyday anglers should embrace.

Tassie 2015 076

Prompted by questions at various presentations I’ve given lately and on the FlyStream Forum, I explain how to make the most of sight fishing opportunities on the lakes of Victoria and Tasmania. We don’t have a Benmore or Botsford on the mainland, but you can still greatly increase your stillwater catch if you sight fish wisely.

For those who’ve been daydreaming over winter about their next big adventure, maybe Chilean Martin Aylwin can help with his in-depth descriptions and trip ideas for his beloved Patagonia. And if you’re planning to stay closer to home and fish less exotic places, Nick Taransky has more great tips for catching trout during those busy holiday periods.

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From our columnists, Peter Hayes is gushing with ideas after 6 weeks in the USA, while Andrew Fuller is similarly inspired after visiting the International Fly Tackle Dealer show. Jim Allen talks trout fishery management, and Craig Coltman has a nifty caddis pattern for skating; or ‘skittering’ as he describes it. And I test a fine – dare I say revolutionary – pair of low light polarized glasses.

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