Snowies – it’s hotting up as it’s cooling down

Launching at Old Adaminaby

Another day in Paradise

There’s something curious about the times fishermen go fishing. Here we are in the middle of March when the place should be alive with fisherman chasing the elusive quarry but still I can get reports from Michael about their whistle stop trip up from Sydney, like this: “Thanks again Steve – we had a ball – 2 good size browns around 2 1/2 – 3 lb. one downstream near the ford in the river in the evening and the other nearing the end of the gorge in a faster run around midday – prob another 6 or so small fish – mostly on a royal Wolff and one or 2 on a beaded nymph. A lot either missed or rejected. Not many fishing but I expect that is about to change.” Where are all the fisherman?Michael Dawson

Michael Dawson 2

For me it’s the lake that’s making me all twitchy. It’s still hovering a bit over 20 degrees but night time temperatures are dipping into single digits at last so with shortening days all we need is a good downpour and that first frost and the fish will stir.


All the lake fishing on  Eucumbene and Caddigat has been on sinking lines in the last few weeks – always a Woolly Bugger somewhere in the mix, but often it’s a black nymph they’ve wanted to eat.

A feature this year has been how many good browns have stayed in the rivers.  We didn’t get the really stagnant low flows of some years and the fish just hung around all year – that has definitely been a highlight.  Along with the small cohort of 2 to 4 lb rainbows that try to rip your arm off of course. I’m not a huge fan of gold beads but on flat and lifeless water it as the only thing they liked on this day – even rising fish were quite happy to chase it on the surface.  A last quick thought. Eucumbene has now reached 45% – but it hasn’t changed for 4 days. It’s tragic, but that’s excellent!  Tight tippets all.  Steve. (Snowy Lake Fly Fishing Charters)IMG_0860