RISE Flyfishing Film Festival

RISE flyfishing film festival kicks off in Brisbane on Monday.

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In its 12th year, RISE is on a mission to celebrate the diverse world of flyfishing, to connect anglers through shared experience, and to create public awareness of flyfishing’s new dynamic emergence. It’s the biggest kick-off to the fishing season there is!

The film tour serves as a stage for the best Australian and Kiwi filmmakers in the industry to premiere their latest offerings, allowing the fishing community to share their passion for the sport by attending film screenings across the country. There is no other event that brings the flyfishing community together like RISE.

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This year, The Flyfisher’s Andrew Fuller will be touring the country with the RISE team and exhibiting the latest in fly gear – much of which is not available at your local stores. Andrew will be there for the duration of the screenings and available to discuss fly gear, techniques and destinations.

Tickets are disappearing fast so use the links below to reserve your seat. A great night out for all ages is guaranteed!

SYDNEY Aug 28th
BOWRAL Aug 29th
ALBURY Sep 1st
BURNIE Sep 11th
HOBART Sep 14th
DARWIN Sep 28th
PERTH Oct 11th

Gin-Clear Media’s Pure Fly NZ, a New Zealand-based flyfishing TV series that has drawn wide acclaim, is the feature of the festival. The first series of Pure Fly NZ created a new benchmark in flyfishing entertainment and Series 2 is set to raise that bar. RISE will premiere an episode from Series 2 featuring Jeff Forsee & Ronan Creane as they explore the myriad of flyfishing opportunities on NZ’s West Coast.

Corazon is another festival highlight and the work of master filmmaker R.A. Beattie. A tribute to remarkable Mexican fishing guide Sandflea, it’s the story of an unlikely friendship between two anglers and the willingness of the flyfishing industry to rally around a guide in desperate need.

Providence is a film recounting the first trip back to Providence Atoll, Seychelles, since the waters were closed to all boat access in 2010 due to the threat of pirates. The team returned in October 2015, spending three insane weeks exploring and fishing for giant fish in a pristine flats environment.

Yakutia is the latest effort from up and coming filmmaker Jako Lucas. This film chronicles an extreme adventure deep into the uncharted wilderness of Siberia. Giant taimen and pike await the adventurers as well as a predatory fish species never before caught on fly in this area.

For more information on RISE – head to http://www.gin-clear.com/filmfest/