rise fest

The RISE flyfishing film festival is coming to a cinema near you. Passionate angler and talented film maker Nick Reygaert is the force behind RISE and he will be touring and presenting this year’s shows. Getting a film maker’s insight into each film adds to the festival but it’s Nick’s connections amongst other talented film makers that cements RISE as the most entertaining film festival of its kind. Each film is carefully selected and tailored to an Australia/ New Zealand audience. Less yahoo-ing fishing heroes and more perfectly-shot footage with compelling storytelling is what sets RISE films apart. Aussie film maker Ben Godfrey has produced this year’s feature film Parallel Lines and it will keep your eyes glued to the screen from start to finish. We’re proud to be the presenting sponsor of this awesome event. Apart from being flyfishing film junkies ourselves, it brings the Aussie flyfishing community together and it directly supports talented flyfishing film makers. The festival will be shown in 18 locations around the country so CLICK HERE for screenings and to buy your ticket before they sell out. And yes,  they do sell out. So don’t miss the action and get your tickets now.

To keep you going until the show, here are two new flyfishing films well worth viewing, plus a preview of Nick’s own film for the Festival:

Yeti Coolers presents COSMO: The Seychelles are an angler’s paradise – if you can actually get to them. This chain of remote islands sits about as far into the middle of nowhere as you can get. But once you arrive, the fishing is on. Follow the crew of the Alphonse Fishing Company as they wade the flats of the Cosmoledo Atoll, hoping for a shot at Giant Trevally.

Yeti Coolers presents KAMCHATKA STEELHEAD PROJECT: On Russia’s eastern coast, the remote Kamchatka Peninsula is teeming with wild steelhead, kept protected by the country’s strict endangered species regulations. Follow Dr Kuzishchin, Big Sasha, and their group of anglers as they document and preserve the legacy of Kamchatka’s steelhead population.

As part of this years RISE festival, Nick Reygaerts new film ‘FREAKS OF NATURE’ will be shown.

Lago Strobel, aka Jurassic Lake, has earned a reputation as the best place on earth to catch a trophy rainbow trout. Ten pound fish are common and twenty pound plus trout are caught every week.

But there is a common misconception that the fishing is one dimensional. This film explores the true extent of the fishery: sight fishing dry flies to huge lake cruisers just a few feet from the shore, exploring the lake’s only tributary, the Rio Barrancoso, which is stacked full of giant fish, and uncovering another small creek system, Moro Creek, which is also home to thumping rainbow trout.