Oceania Championships – Canadian Team member Aaron Laing

I’m Canadian born and a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia. I started flyfishing in my early 30s and I’ve been competing since 2008. I captained the silver medal team in the Canadian National Championships in 2014.


I’m often asked, ‘Why flyfish competitively?” My standard reply has always been that I learn more about the sport in a single day of competition than I could in a year on my own. But that’s only part of the equation. Competition of any sort pushes you to improve. It challenges you mentally and physically. Add this to the camaraderie of fishing with a team, of being in sync with strategies and flies, and you’ve got the perfect sport.


I’ll be honest, traveling to Australia has always been on my bucket list. Pictures of your beautiful country can only go so far in giving one a sense of place. However, what I’m most looking forward to is representing Canada on the world stage and getting the experience of fishing in a true international competition. Two of our team, captain Peter Huyghebaert and Josh Gelinas, have already had this honour and I’m looking forward to joining them.


Can’t wait to hit Oz in late October!