New Season Underway in North QLD

Up on the north-east coast of Queensland, the summer wet season had drawn to a close. Though not the biggest on record, this ‘Wet’ brought enough rainfall for several major flushes through our rivers and wetlands, which should hold our fisheries in good shape for the year ahead.

Autumn trevally.

Autumn trevally.

We’ve now settled into a stable early dry season weather pattern. The storm clouds have been replaced by clear pre-winter clear skies, ideal temperatures ranging from 15-30 C and moderate winds – very pleasant fishing weather.

Sight fishing action.

Perfect sight fishing conditions.

April saw our season move into full swing. Some new guests experienced their first week of saltwater flyfishing recently, and once we cured the boys of the infamous ‘trout strike’ (lifting the rod instead of strip-striking) they landed a good variety of great fish.

Mangrove jack.

A mangrove jack from the snags behind. 

We’re now booked pretty solidly for the season at Hinchinbrook, and we’ve got some interesting Cape York and PNG trips planned as well. All up, there should be plenty to report on over the months ahead.