The only thing that seems to update more regularly than fly rods is technology! And just like today’s newest fly rods, the new GoPro Hero 3+ is better than the model before. There are lots of upgrades in this new version of the world’s best selling adventure camera. Expect better image quality with truer colour, blacker blacks and a sharper image overall thanks to its faster lens. These cameras are designed firstly as video cameras, however their stills quality is nothing short of incredible. Notably, the new SuperView setting will give a wide-angle view without the fisheye effect of previous models. Battery life is improved and will now record for over 2 hours and the camera itself is 20% smaller and lighter than the previous model. GoPro cameras can be remotely controllable via a Wifi connection and they have a range of accessories for mounting or plugging in to expand the capability of the camera.

The GoPro Hero 3+ is simply the most practical and functional camera to take flyfishing. For the ultimate fully waterproof camera, look at the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition.  $529.95RRP

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