Mudeye time – Snowy Mountains

Fly by Night at Collingwood 30-12-13

Mudeye patterns are bringing some relief to fish hungry fly fishers. Clinton from Melbourne reported plenty of late evening action on Tantangara mid week, and Maurice hooked up on a bloody cracker after dark in Bonnies Bay (near Old Adaminaby) on Lake Eucumbene using a cordulid pattern. Some of the bays around Buckanderra have produced a few fish, especially Tryvilla inlet, whilst last night I tried Cobrabold and Collingwood where I finally snapped our mysterious aquatic moth, as well as landing a couple of nice browns. The moth emerged right by the boat and came ashore to pose for this picture with the pupal cocoon still partially attached.Aquatic moth

Jindabyne reports are few and far between although early mornings and late evenings are apparently producing fish for the persistent few.  A couple of reports from both Eucumbene  and Jindabyne suggest big dries, especially beetle patterns in the early morning are productive.  Everywhere the story is the same with catch ratios about three browns to one rainbow – but the rainbows are big. If you get smashed up, it’s probably one of those silver bars of muscle. Fishing right on sunset and for the first hour of dark has been the best. You’ll know when the fish have left the building – they’re suddenly just not there any more. Euc sunset

Not surprisingly there’s been a fair bit of demand for day fishing at Caddigat Lakes on Dixieland and some great fish have been caught (and returned) in the last couple of days – there’s a sample picture gallery below. I put the charter boat on Caddigat Lake for the first time this week and fished sinking lines with big flies in the old creek bed – down to 10 metres. Great fun and plenty of good fish (apart from in the dead heat of the early afternoon). The best technique was cruising very slowly (dead stop to less than 1 km/h) using the electric motor, swinging the line from 90 degrees back to 45 degrees then retrieving in long draws and short jerks. The lake is full of mosquito fish which despite being a pest species are also good trout food – hence the success of the tinsel woolly bugger no doubt. Last thought is to keep half an eye out for snakes; it’s a snaky summer and the grass is crackling like tinder.

Tight tippets all and a happy fishy new year from the Snowy Mountains. (More on the naked trout website)

Clinton on Caddigat


Jenny on Caddigat







Andrew on Caddigat

Mark on Kidney






Fly by Night on Caddigat