The latest issue of FlyStream has arrived. There’s lots to read up on for sunnier times, but also plenty to get you out on the water right now, avoiding cabin fever.


Most streams may be closed, but I rate the next 3 months as one of the best times to hit the Victorian lakes. With water conditions very good this year, I’ve had no trouble listing ten lakes that will fish well this winter – and how to get best from each.

Tullaroop 3 (2)

Another thing that doesn’t cease just because it’s winter, is using bead-headed flies. Whether you’re pulling winter wets, or planning to nymph summer streams, Stewart Dick offers the most comprehensive coverage of beads we’ve ever read. As one of Australia’s most successful competition anglers, Stewart’s advice on how to choose bead weight and colour for just about any situation, is essential reading.


Craig Coltman looks ahead to the stream season and one of his favourite techniques: swinging wets flies in rivers. Arguably the most misunderstood trout tactic, used properly swinging is not only skilful, but extremely successful. Read up and be ready to swing when the season opens.

But it’s not all about trout, something that confessed ‘troutaholic’ Josh Hutchins has come to realise over the last few years. Josh’s account of his journey from single-minded trouty to multi-species angler is funny, revealing and educational.


Regular readers will be aware that Max Caruso’s Italian heritage requires that a good fishing trip includes good food, and his recent trip to southern USA excelled on both counts. Incredible fly action for black drum and redfish was backed up by exceptional dining in New Orleans and surrounds.

From the regulars, Peter Hayes reveals his three top lessons from season 2016/17 (including things you can work on in the off-season); Jim Allen says being observant – really observant – is a key to being a successful angler; Craig Coltman offers his new favourite mayfly emerger so you can get plenty tied up in time for spring; Greg Liney gives a premium vise a good workout; and I wonder about the power of a fly.