Issue 13 Out Now

The summer issue of FlyStream has just been released with plenty of reading to get you in the mood for the holiday season.

Nick Taransky takes fellow rod maker, Jeff Wagner from the USA, on a trip from Tasmania to the Snowy Mountains. This leads to some interesting observations and comparisons between Australian and American trout fishing.

Tasmanian highland stream.

Tasmanian highland stream.

Josh Hutchins has recently returned from a very remote Pacific island, Anaa Atoll, where fierce GTs, big bonefish and huge triggerfish are only part of the story.

Anaa treva.

Anaa trevally.

Closer to home, Tim Nash explores several wild and lovely streams in West Gippsland. You’d never know that these waters are just a couple of hours from Melbourne.

Meanwhile, Steve Dunn thinks that, like a promising but distracted student, Lake Eucumbene is good but could do better. In the second part of his ‘Three Ways to Run a Trout Lake’ article, he has specific ideas about how to achieve this.

Eucumbene rainbow.

Eucumbene rainbow.

Finally, every stream season has its lessons, so I offer what I learnt on the trout streams of Victoria and NSW during 2015/16.

From our regulars, Peter Hayes believes he’s identified the attribute all the flyfishing greats have in common; Jim Allen celebrates the printed word and the world of fishing books; Craig Coltman ties an effective fastwater nymph from the Commonwealth Championships in Canada; Andrew Fuller dutifully suggests some gear for the Christmas stocking; and I contemplate the pluses and minuses of good mobile phone reception on a fishing trip.