Inverloch & surrounds

“80 salmon they caught on fly; the best 6lb.” Barney was passing on the classic ‘Should’ve been here last week’ fishing report. Seems that a bit over a week ago, a huge school of salmon moved into Andersons Inlet and for a time at least, the channel I’d just been pulling a Clouser through, had been alive with cracking fish that were hitting anything. By the time I arrived though, the school had moved on – either back out to sea or to somewhere within the vast network of channels that make up the Inlet. That’s salmon fishing; for the big ones anyway.

The Inlet looked fantastic, but apparently we were a week late.

At least the couple of days I spent down that way were beautifully sunny with gentle breezes; a far cry from the wintery gales that often lash this coast. I even caught a couple of little herring, so the Inlet fishing wasn’t a complete failure.

At least these little guys kept us interested while we waited for something bigger.

Further west, the Powlett River was wide open to the sea and fishing quite well under the same mild, tranquil conditions as Andersons. I managed a couple of bream, some small salmon, and I think I missed a take from my nemesis – an estuary perch.

Evening on the Powlett River.

I explored some new water too, and had a lot of fun with the family – even the less fanatical fishing members were more than happy to be out in the sun.

Powlett bream.

Years ago, when I lived in Melbourne, I fished this area a lot. With a good mate now based on that coast for a few days most weeks, I’m looking forward to more visits and reacquainting myself with some of the finer points of the local fishing.

Nothing wrong with a decent mullet!