Help the Mataura

Some of the world’s best dry fly fishing lies in the South Island of New Zealand, and it’s been the focus of many articles over the years in this and other fishing magazines. However, some of the best of it is under threat from plans to establish a raft fishing trade in Southland on three rivers which are renowned for bank and wade fishing. The petition to stop these plans states that the proposal is to operate “3 rafts with 7 passengers each, twice a day, on each of the six long beats on the Mataura, Waikaia and Oreti rivers.”

Such plans are usually required to go through a formal review process. However, at the time of writing, it appears there is no plan to hold a public notification system.

The Mataura as it should be.

If maintaining the quality of fishing on rivers like the Mataura, Waikaia and Oreti is important to you, not only for your current enjoyment but for future generations, you can do something about it now.

It is very important that you join nearly 3,000 concerned voices and sign the online petition which can be found here.

Email the Southland District Council asking for the proposal to go through a public notification process by emailing Marcus Roy [email protected] and Dean Balkin [email protected]

The views of visiting international anglers are likely to have special weight due to their economic contribution to New Zealand tourism.

Please help the Mataura, Oreti and Waikaia rivers!