FlyStream Magazine Autumn 2014 – Out Now

We’ve just released our second issue of FlyStream magazine. This is the first subscription-only issue (subscribe here) and at around 100 pages, here’s what you get.


Lake Caddis

Christopher Bassano is one of Australia’s elite competition anglers and guides – and when he’s not competing or guiding, he’s fishing for fun. When Christopher offers his thoughts on flyfishing we listen carefully. Here he continues from issue one on his mission to make us take caddis more seriously.

Issue 2 6

The Magnificent Monaro

Nick Taransky discusses this impressive but fragile fishery. With lots of input from Nick’s friend and long-time Snowy/ Monaro guide Paul Bourne, this balanced, thoughtful piece is a much-needed update on this special area.

Tongariro Basics

Peter Julian is absolutely smitten by the winter/spring Tongariro River fishery and this story is as enjoyable for its enthusiasm as its sound advice. Winter can’t come soon enough!

Issue 2 4

Moods of the Murrumbidgee

Steve Dunn and I had some great fishing on this river last month, so I’ve included a few pictures.

Cuba Chronicles

All the team at FlyStream are no strangers to flyfishing travel, but Andrew Fuller seems to take it to a new level, particularly in his quest for the ultimate saltwater experience. This is a story as much about the journey as the destination, though the destination does turn out to be pretty good!

Issue 2 2

Mountain River Autumn

I thought that rather than spell out a recipe for autumn success on the streams of Victoria’s north-east and New South Wales border area, I’d take a different approach and reprint a cross-section of pages from last autumn’s diary. Autumn 2013 was a fairly typical one across the region so there’s value in simply relaying what happened where and when – warts and all.


Being Better

When it comes to the quest to make fellow flyfishers more successful, few are as driven as Peter Hayes – the man has just about devoted his professional life to it! This column is part two of how to improve your lake fishing and it’s dripping with good advice.

 Behind the Line

This issue, Andrew Fuller devotes a lot of his column to some interesting developments with Simms products, while I have an in-depth look at the Sage Method fly rod.


Jim Allen beats the rest of the FlyStream team hands-down when it comes to hours clocked on the water, and this little dissertation on one of the more subtle signs of feeding fish is compulsory reading for salt and freshwater anglers alike.

 Effective Flies

I haven’t had a chance to try this fly (strangely enough, Craig Coltman hasn’t given me one yet!) But having talked to both Craig and Christopher about Bassano’s Klinkhammer, it’s apparent this isn’t just another one of those fly variations that will be forgotten about in a year’s time.

Issue 2 1

Happy reading and fishing!