FlyStream Annual 2016/17 Out Now

This year’s annual has arrived back from the printers just in time for Christmas. Each year we choose a mix of the best feature articles and columns from our last 4 online issues, and bundle them together in a full colour, collectable print magazine with well over 100 pages of holiday reading.

Inside this, our third print Annual, we open with Nick Taransky describing how to understand – and locate – likely trout lies on Australian freestone streams. Next up, I look at what works & why; and what doesn’t, on mainland Australia’s ‘Big 4’ tailwaters. Then it’s half way around the hemisphere with Joshua Hutchins (who else?) as he chases huge golden dorado in Argentina.


Every Australian trout stream season has its own standout destinations, lessons and of course adventures. With this in mind, I look back on my season 2015/16, from just north of Melbourne all the way to the Snowys.

Possibly my favourite article of the year was Anthony McGrath’s piece on the art of spotting New Zealand trout. As Anthony begs and cajoles expert guide & friend Scott Xanthoulakis into revealing his secrets, there are plenty of laughs – but there’s also lots of good, practical advice.

The timing of my ‘Drought & Flood’ article was prophetic: 2016 saw its share of both. In this feature, I make the point that both extremes aren’t merely to be tolerated; on the contrary, each provides its own outstanding opportunities if you know where and when to look. Next, Craig Coltman explains how moving or ‘pulling’ dry flies is a very effective way to get more interest from the trout. Then Andrew Fuller pulls some flies too; only this time it’s giant poppers for big Malaysian sailfish.

Finally for features, Stewart Dick gives an excellent account of how to fish nymphs on Tasmanian mayfly lakes. If you think you’re already fishing your nymphs properly, read this – you might reconsider. By the way, the methods Stewart describes are also deadly effective on Victoria’s mayfly lakes like Wendouree, Newlyn, Hepburn and Fyans.

From our columnists, Peter Hayes describes several different ways to find trout, Jim Allen talks midges, Andrew Fuller lists the flyfishing products he considers the best for 2016 and Craig Coltman ties the competition-winning Magoo.

Copies of FlyStream’s 2016/17 Annual are available here or over the counter at The Flyfisher, 383 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.  Visit The Flyfisher’s Online Store

Make sure there's a copy under your tree this Christmas!

Make sure there’s a copy under your tree this Christmas!