Florida Tarpon

The AFO team have been off on holidays and what do flats guides do on holidays? They go flyfishing somewhere! This year the AFO team split up and some went tarpon fishing in Florida. The weather was great over there this season and we all know how that relates to sight fishing opportunities…

DB 1

The tarpon were consistent and if the angler was up to the game – and it’s a big one – the fish were open to being enticed.

DB 2

We fed, jumped and gloved fish everyday for the several weeks we were there. It’s such a great fishery and there’s so much to learn whenever you travel to new destinations and meet new fish and scenarios. We’ll be back again one day but until then we have some cool memories.

DB 3

We are in touch with some great guides over there so if you feel the urge to chase Florida tarpon, go to our website

www.australianflyfishingoutfitters.com.au and drop us an email.

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