Decisions, Decisions

A few commitments are going to keep me from fishing this weekend, but in a way, I’m relieved. While the ‘lake versus stream’ decision is seldom an easy one in spring, this opening weekend in Victoria, it could be extra difficult.

Even Hepburn is almost looking pretty.

Locally, the lakes are offering serious opportunities. Hepburn and Tullaroop especially are hard to turn my back on, but pretty much all the local lakes have promise. Some decent trout are even starting to take dry flies.

JD’s distraction.

But while I was casting to five pounders eating flushed beetles yesterday, JD texted a ‘live’ pic of the Rubicon, with the simple caption ‘Highly fishable.’ Hmmm. For just a moment, I realised how much I missed mountain streams, the sunlight sparkling through the trees, and trout holding in a current waiting for a drifting dry or nymph. Then a big snout stuck out of the water about a metre from my Claret Carrot, and I forgot all about flowing water.

The sort of fish that can temporarily stop you thinking about a pretty stream.

Lake or stream? It would have been a somewhat easier decision if the deluges of August hadn’t started to ease this week. But now? With no significant rain forecast for a few days, some streams are also pushing for selection. Glad I won’t have to choose, not until after the weekend anyway!