Chasing Leviathans

Two weeks ago I returned from a flyfishing trip to Costa Rica. The line burn on my fingers has only just begun to heal and so it goes without saying, we had an unbelievable trip. I travelled with Nick Reygaert of Gin-Clear Media, in the hope of filming giant tarpon for his upcoming film Leviathan, due early next year. If you’re searching for a place to catch the biggest fish of your life on a fly rod, then Costa Rica’s Rio Colorado fishery would be hard to beat. You can expect to see busting up tarpon feeding on minnows during your stay and when you get close enough, expect the action to be out of control. Hundred pound plus fish on poppers aren’t uncommon. In 6 days fishing we landed around a dozen tarpon with at least half of them being over 100lb and the biggest around 160. When they get to that size they’re impossible to get into the boat but we managed this photo when a neighboring boat offered to collect Nick during the fight.

Keep an eye out in a future issue of FlyStream for the full story. Andrew and Nick plan on hosting two groups during October 2014. For more information of to lock in your limited spot, call Andrew on 0408 661324.