Behind The Line

The latest in glare-free vision from Smith Optics? Thankfully no, but the innovation in flyfishing is just as surprising.

Flyfishing continues to grow globally and so the International Fly Tackle Dealer show gets bigger every year. This year’s show in July saw lots of brands revealing innovative new products in every conceivable category. Exciting new rods, reels, packs, vests, waders and boots are heading downunder and showing up in fly shops around the country right now. Get in-store and check them out!

Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rods

The new Helios 3 from Orvis has been completely redesigned from the ground up, using new materials and new construction techniques to create a rod that is deadly accurate over a large range of distances. This improved accuracy is partly a function of a 40% increase in hoop strength – allowing the rod to stay straighter in the vertical and horizontal plane. Weighted fly hits account for thousands of broken fly rods every year and so a 77% increase in impact strength will come as good news to anglers (and fly shops!). Available in two tapers, including 3F for accuracy with finesse and 3D for accuracy with power. Available now at The Flyfisher

Sage SALT HD Fly Rod

Sage’s latest specialist saltwater fly rod improves on its predecessor by incorporating Konnetic HD construction (first revealed in the Sage X last year). You can see Konnetic HD technology, with the rod blanks noticeably narrower than we’re used to. An 8 weight Sage Salt is comparable in diameter to a standard 6 weight and this could have you thinking the Salt doesn’t have the power needed to deliver big flies or subdue big fish – but you’d be wrong. Part of the secret with this technology is thicker-walled blanks, and so in essence, these rods are actually stronger. The Salt HD series is a noticeable improvement on Sage’s previous saltwater rods, with a real emphasis on being able to pick up more line to enable quicker delivery, or re-delivery. Naturally, these rods look the part with deep blue blanks and premium saltwater-safe components. Available now at The Flyfisher.

Scott ‘G’ Series Fly Rod

Scott’s old G2 series has a cult following with proponents of softer, presentation-focussed fly rods. Using newer construction techniques, Scott have managed to maintain that signature moderate action, yet improve tip stability; lack of which can cause the wobble or bounce commonly associated with softer rods. Using a multi-modulus lay up, they have fine-tuned the flex and created a rod 20-25% lighter than the old G2. Small stream walk-and-wade flyfishers will love the G’s improved accuracy, delicate presentation and lively feel. Available now at The Flyfisher

Stonfo BobTec Bobbin

Stonfo first approached the concept of an adjustable tension bobbin with their Elite series. These have a drag system  similar to a fly reel and they are a joy to tie with – the only downside being they take longer to load than your standard two-arm bobbin. Stonfo’s new BobTec improves on the two arm design, allowing tension setting and quick loading thanks to an innovative tension slide adjustment. Unlike some bobbins that feature brittle ceramic tips, the BobTec uses polished hardened steel, which is stronger and prevents fraying. Available in two sizes for thick and thin threads. Available now at The Flyfisher.

Waterworks-Lamson Cobalt Fly Reel

The new Cobalt is a powerhouse of a reel featuring cutting-edge technology. The dual-axis machined frame strengthens the side that bears the most load. The reel foot is embedded, rather than perched atop the reel, to efficiently transmit force and distribute weight. Spool release has been strengthened using a spool release screw rather than o-ring connectivity. Internally, you’ll find a vast improvement on any  previous Waterworks-Lamson reels. Their latest drag is made using graphite alloy that can pull more than 12 pounds of pressure. But perhaps the most impressive feature, is the Cobalt has been independently certified waterproof to 100 feet! No use having a drag that can handle the elements without a frame that can too, and so the the reel has been finished using Microlox – anodising that features 20 times the corrosion resistance of type III. From 8 weight to 12 weight, you simply have to check out the new Cobalt from Waterworks-Lamson. Available late November 2017 at The Flyfisher

The idea for this casting aid has been around for some time and with the help of Temple Fork Outfitters, it’s finally found its way to the mass market. On a forward cast, the metal ball runs up the tube, creating a noise when it hits the end. Basically, your pause should be just long enough for the ball to roll back down the tube before initiating the forward cast. For greater distance casting practice, the tube extends so the ball takes longer to get to the end. Get the acceleration travelling in a plane that isn’t straight and it will tell you; loudly! Everything is accentuated, making the Accelerator less forgiving than an actual fly rod. This means even an experienced fly caster can become better using this tool. Available now at The Flyfisher