Behind The Line – Autumn

Andrew updates us on the latest fly gear and tackle.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year for trout fishing. The weather is often settled, the mainland lakes are cooling down for more surface and inshore action, and this season, the exceptional summer stream fishing is spilling into autumn – except without the bursts of stifling heat. It’s handy timing then that a number of great trout fishing products have recently arrived in the shops.


Ahrex Freshwater Fly Hooks

Many fly tiers will have noticed Ahrex pop up on social media. Their company has only been going a couple of years, but with new and innovative fly hook designs and energetic marketing, Ahrex are well on their way to becoming the biggest fly hook brand in the world. As of January, they have released an entire range of hooks designed primarily for trout flies. You’ll find a hook from Ahrex that even the most discerning fly tiers will approve of. Based in Denmark, these guys are adept at catching big fish on small flies, much like us trout anglers in Australia and New Zealand. For this reason, Ahrex freshwater hooks are built on a slightly heavier gauge wire to hold the big ones. The range of freshwater hooks are all chemically sharpened and have a really nice black nickel finish. Every hook design is available in both barbed and barbless, and they come in a 24 pack for $12.95. Whatever you’re tying, you simply have to check out the new range of Ahrex Freshwater Hooks.
Available now at The Flyfisher. BUY NOW and distributed in Australia by Tiewell.

Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack

Waterproof, airtight packs are all the rage these days and with more anglers investing in these packs, we see a bigger range tailored to them. The new Dry Creek Z features a new TIZIP zipper that is tough, yet lighter and easier to slide than on the older models. The side of the pack features two removable rod carry cam straps for securing your rod tube. Cleverly, there is an integrated net scabbard on the outside of the pack and a quick access front-facing pocket for essentials. There is also a magnetic docking station on the front strap for nippers and tools. Without sacrificing features, the design is clean with minimal snag points for fly line. All up, this bag weighs a miserly 794 grams but boasts a big 29 litres of capacity. Saltwater anglers and those carrying camera equipment will love this bag.
Available now at The Flyfisher. $599.95. BUY NOW

Simms G3 Guide Wader 2018

Simms signature product gets a re-vamp for 2018. A new 4 layer GoreTex ProShell incorporates a hydrophilic film which greatly improves breathability. In fact, it’s been lab tested to improve breathability by 190%. The durable 4 layer material is used in the legs and seat, while a softer, even more breathable three layer Gore-Tex adorns the torso. The new fabric has an exceptionally soft feel when compared to older models, or other brands of waders. In the feet, a new antimicrobial finish, combined with a quick dry lining, helps eliminate foot funk. Whether this new model is as durable as the old model, time will tell. However one thing that can’t be argued: this is the most comfortable wader on the market and a worthy update to a crowd favourite.
Available now at The Flyfisher in 19 stock sizes. $849.95. BUY NOW

Simms G3 Guide Wading Boot 2018

The G3 boot has been a favourite of guides and extreme flyfishers for years. Where other boots have failed, the G3 has always excelled. For 2018, the G3 boot gets a total revamp with a few significant changes. A moulded heel clip secures your foot to the back of the boot to lock your foot in. This unique feature adds comfort and because there’s no slip inside the boot, you get surefooted wading performance. Adding to that feature, the laces on the boot go down further to keep your foot secure from toe to heel. Simms have also further improved their Vibram Idrogrip sole with a slightly deeper tread and reinforced perimeter. A little rounding to the sole allows the angler to roll in and out of steps for longer, fatigue-free days on the water. Finally, these boots now come in wider size range, right up to 16US. Overall, you get a more comfortable, harder-working boot than its predecessor and the most advanced wading boot on the market today.
Available now for $399.95 in sizes 6-16US at The Flyfisher, Melbourne. BUY NOW

Vision Tossu Wading Boot

There may be no harder worked piece of flyfishing equipment as wading boots. While the above Simms G3 boot arguably leads the way with quality and innovation, Vision’s new Tossu boots cannot be ignored. Factor in their affordable price and the improved Gummi grip sole, and you get a boot well worth consideration. When you pick up this boot, you immediately notice the quality and durable design. All hard wear areas on the boot are appropriately reinforced and it offers solid ankle support for sure-footed performance. Metal lace loops are often viewed as a luxury but in testing, Vision found that heavy duty nylon lace loops prolong the life of laces and improve durability. Overall, this is a lightweight, rugged boot at an affordable price.
Priced at $289.95 and available in sizes 6-14US. Available now at The Flyfisher. BUY NOW

Redington Crux Fly Rods

Touted as the best rod Redington have ever built, these medium-fast action rods bridge the gap between premium and budget. At their $600AU price point, these rods sit comfortably at around half what a top Sage or Scott will cost you but they certainly aren’t half the rod. Lifetime warranty is standard and what Redington have included in the design is by no means budget. Cleverly, they have marked the line weight on the rod on top of the reel seat for easy identification. The top of the grip features a denser cork for positive control and less hand fatigue. Like many of today’s premium rods, you’ll be amazed at how well they cast in close as well as at distance. Lightweight guides and minimal thread wraps increase the recovery for effortless high line-speed casting. Their olive colour and logo’d reel seat add to the premium aesthetic. Available now in 3-10 weight at The Flyfisher, Melbourne. $599.95 BUY NOW

Simms Sungaiter Cool

The new Sungaiter Cool is a classic example of Simms taking a product type already available, adding their design spice and leaving anglers everywhere wondering why they’d use anything else. Starting with the fabric, this sun gaiter features Coolcore technology which, when activated by sweat or water is up 30% lower in surface temperature. Top it off with laser-cut breathing holes, a contoured fit, UPF 50 protection, and you have yourself the best sun gaiter money can buy.
$69.95. Available now at The Flyfisher, Melbourne. BUY ONLINE