A bit more about the winter issue of FlyStream magazine

For anyone who missed it, we released issue 11 of FlyStream magazine a few days ago. It’s a mix of cold weather ideas, long distance adventure and things to dream about and plan for when the temperature starts rising again.


For those who can’t wait for the streams to reopen, Max Caruso shares his favourite Victorian winter flyfishing. From salmon to bream to big lake trout, Max is raring to go – and as an accomplished cook, he has some great meal ideas to warm up with after a day on the water.

Aire River 2015 009

I look forward – and back – to consider the ‘big 4’ tailwaters of mainland south-eastern Australia: the mid Tumut, Swampy Plain, Mitta and Goulburn rivers. Season 2015/16 saw some superb fishing on all four rivers, but in true tailwater fashion, they could also be exasperating. I look at how these tailwaters ‘work’ and how to get the best from them.


Anthony McGrath loves New Zealand (so much so that he lived there for a year) but he knows he needs to spot the fish better. In this informative and sometimes hilarious account, by using fair means and foul he persuades his best friend and expert sight fisher Scott Xanthoulakis to spill the beans.

Looking through the window.

Meanwhile, the semi-nomadic Joshua Hutchins travels to the edge of the Arctic Circle in search of Atlantic salmon. Does he succeed? You’ll have to read the article to find out. I will say that of Josh’s stories to date, this one is my favourite.


Finally for features, Stewart Dick crams several season’s worth of lake nymphing as a guide and competition fisher, into one article. If you plan to fish nymphs on any mayfly lake this coming season – Tasmania or elsewhere – this piece is essential reading.

atalophebia nymph

From the regulars, Craig Coltman ties a radical winter wet, Peter Hayes is excited by double-handed rods, Jim Allen has some terrific midge fishing tips, I had a minor trout tactics breakthrough this autumn, and Andrew Fuller has more great products reviewed should you wish to spend your way out of the winter blues!