Issue 14 Out Now

The latest issue of our FlyStream magazine has just been released, with nearly a hundred pages of online reading for those autumn days when you can’t actually be fishing.


Steve Dunn tours the Murrumbidgee and Eucumbene rivers from top to bottom, and makes some interesting comparisons.

Bolaro - Yaouk (2)

Josh Hutchins guides a lot, but he’s also the guided more than most of us. If you’re so much as contemplating some guided fishing, this piece is highly recommended reading.

Flystream - Guide Article - Hutchins-8242

As a flyfisher with Patagonia on his doorstep, Martin Aylwin is probably the envy of most readers. However, his take on the quality of Victorian trout fishing may surprise you, and he has some interesting suggestions for better fishing on Victoria’s streams.


The Tiwi Islands are quite well known as an exotic tropical flyfishing destination, but as Andrew Fuller discovered recently, there’s much more to this amazing place than just the fishing. View the teaser below.

Tiwi Islands Junior Guide Program from FlyStream on Vimeo.

To finish the features, I take a good look at the Otways in south-west Victoria. While I’ve fished there since boyhood, some recent experiences have made me wonder if it isn’t time I took this extensive stream fishery more seriously.


From our regulars, Peter Hayes delves into the mysteries of fly fashions, Jim Allen advises us to look carefully for trout working a beat, Craig Coltman ties a great wet fly for your lake fishing team, Andrew Fuller looks at the latest gear, tackle and DVDs; and I reflect on the beginning of my quest for Murray cod.