Rain Dodging – New Zealand Backcountry


Friend Jon Clewlow just sent me these pics of his adventure last week with my brother Mark and mate Nick on some rivers in the north of the South Island (when I tried to ask which ones he mumbled something about the Nunya and the Whatsits.)

So far, so good.

So far, so good.

Apparently the trip was threatened from the start by heavy rain warnings from the NZ Metservice, but by choosing their streams carefully, they were able to dodge the worst of the weather – at least for a while!

Just a bit of drizzle.

Just a bit of drizzle.

Slowly, things caught up with them, though as you can see the fish kept going.

Starting to get a bit hairy...

Starting to get a bit hairy…

Mark said he knew things were getting dodgy when he could literally see the water creeping up a midstream pyramid rock while Jon was fighting a fish.

Worth getting a bit wet for!

Worth getting wet for!

Eventually, it was time to bail out – but not before they had caught a couple of dozen trout in the course of a few days, and up to 8 pounds. Guess it proves the point that where there’s trout, there’s hope… or something.

Time to go...

Time to go…