More idyllic water - there's not much else on the Test!

A day on the Hampshire Test

Stockbridge in Hampshire is one of those towns which really comes alive during the flyfishing season, with mayfly hatches bringing fishing tourism to its peak during May. The town is well located with the famous River Test running through it and various gastro-pubs and hotels servicing the generally well-to-do clientele chasing the Test browns. In the heart of […]



Christmas in August

Kiritimati (Christmas Island) is a wondrous place with its bleak, impossibly flat and dry landscape, juxtaposed with it’s amazing blue and gold-hued seascape. It’s lagoon and perimeter reef provide impressive vistas and consistent top-notch fishing. Eight of us headed off to Christmas Island just 12 days ago. One came back early and despite our travel sagas […]



In the Footsteps of Frank Sawyer

Below me, the ghostly grey shape hovered over the gravel in the rain-stained chalk stream, occasionally darting left or right, intercepting invisible nymphs. I glanced at Keith and he gave me the nod. I tapped my rod and the non-descript nymph dropped off the penultimate rod ring. I breathed slowly, trying to calm my nerves. […]


Home Beat at Bossington, the Pavilion in the distance is about half way up the beat I fished.

A day on the River Test

When I first learned I was invited to a business conference in Germany in June this year, my initial thought was, ‘Great, I’ll extend my trip by a couple of days and shoot over to the UK and see my family (who live in Hampshire).’ My next thought was, ‘Hampshire? I could fish the River Test!’ The idea […]


Andy casting for herring

WA Herring

Andrew and I did our fisheries degrees together in Plymouth (in the eighties) and both ended up as fisheries bureacrats in Australia. Me in NSW and Victoria; Andrew in the NT, NSW and WA. We both cut our teeth on small trout streams in the UK, and each year I fish with Andrew in the […]



What the…………. right on Chew

Whilst everyone at home is queuing up to fish their favourite ‘big brown’ pool on the Eucumbene and Thredbo rivers, I’m doing it tough in the Old Dart waking up in a cold sweat thinking about the top of the lake writhing with golden browns. For this trip to the UK we’ve had some magnificent […]


A serious fish on a fly rod!

Hervey Bay Tuna

A couple of weeks ago a mate George and I started discussing a fishing trip to Hervey Bay, with the idea of camping on the island and polaroiding flats all weekend. The initial plan to take the ferry over and hike up to the flats along the beach was knocked on the head when we realised it […]


Perfect autumn water after a good fresh.

Autumn on Tassie Rivers – Fly Fish Australia Fundraiser

Last week I had the privilege of attending one of the Fly Fishing Australia (FFA) corporate weekends in Tasmania, staying at Peter Hayes’ place and fishing the rivers. The weekends are a fundraiser for the FFA team members to help cover their costs when competing in the forthcoming world championships in the USA in August. For us amateurs, it gives […]


The first flush of dirty water made spotting difficult.

Dirty Water and Big Snouts

We all know that sometimes the best laid fishing plans and expectations can be turned on their head. This was certainly the case in late January with a huge cold front, rain and a bank of clouds hitting the South Island during our annual summer adventure. In the 7 years Fly Odyssey have been hosting groups to New […]