Early May snow in the Cobungra catchment. Once snow arrives water temps really start to plummet and the catchments with snow are best avoided.

Trout, temperature and the change of seasons

Just a few weeks ago I was focussed on finding cooler water to fish. As summer lingered into early March, tailwaters and the upper reaches of the natural streams were the places to be. Early mornings and right on dark proved the best times to find aquatic insects like caddis, mayfly spinners and mayfly duns […]


A few blackberry scratches getting in, no back cast, turbulent water that wants to drown the fly... Perfect!

Learning to Love Cover

A recent post on the FlyStream Forum has prompted me to write a few lines about how much trout value cover; and how to fish it. Sometimes I think it’s a wonder we can catch trout at all. Imagine the selective pressure for caution. Let’s say roughly a thousand eggs are laid by a hen fish, […]


Winners are grinners. Steve inches his flashy Woolly Bugger across a deep drop-off.

Some things I learnt in 2015

At the risk of sounding a bit New Age, the graph of a lifetime flyfishing journey would look like the ascent of a mountainside at first – maybe even a cliff! This would be followed by a gentler if almost infinite incline, interspersed by the occasional sharp step up and (hopefully) even rarer step down. […]



All it takes is one cast

I love summer fishing around my home in the Eildon district, with warm weather and plenty of terrestrials to get the fish looking up. There is so much going on, the trout generally aren’t too fussy and will willingly investigate quite a range of flies. But, without question, the mainstay of summer daytime flyfishing around the lower […]


Mark works the flies across and down.

New Water to end the old Year

Brother Mark and I have been making a late December pilgrimage to the upper Murray area most years for the last 30. In all that time it was easy to imagine we’d fished most of the water available. But of course the western slope of the Snowys coupled with the Murray tributaries on the Victorian […]


What all the fuss is about!

Are the cockchafer beetles back?

A late winter/ early spring highlight of lake fishing in the central Victorian highlands, can be cockchafer beetle falls. Cockchafers spend most of their lives as grubs feeding on pasture roots; they’re those little pale grubs you sometimes find when you’re digging up the lawn. During the La Nina years 2010-13, the saturated winter soils […]



French Nymphing Plus

There are many ways to fish a river but few are more effective than the latest French nymphing techniques. In this video, I demonstrate how to correctly rig an indicator leader for this deadly and versatile method. This video complements my article in FlyStream issue 8 – for all the up-to-date tips about this indispensable fishing technique, including dry fly methods, subscribe online […]


Aire River 029

Winter Bream, South-west Victoria

Several weeks ago I dutifully reported on my traditional winter bream fishing weekend down the Great Ocean Road with Max. The fishing was unusually tough; in fact maybe our toughest bream trip to date – one of those weekends when on some level (albeit irrational) you can start to doubt if the fish are actually […]



Selecting the right lake rod

As a flyfishing guide I’m regularly asked by clients who are thinking of buying a new lake rod, what I would recommend? There are three main considerations: What is your budget? This is possibly the easiest decision you need to make as there many good value rods on the market. Generally the more expensive brands do offer better […]



The Need for Speed

I seem to have a lot of friends called Andrew and one of them is making the transition from stream fishing to lake. Andrew is what I would describe as a born flyfisher. For example, although he’s relatively new to the sport as a whole, Andrew already spots fish almost as well as I do […]