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Cod and Trout in the Ovens Valley

Occasionally, along comes a fishing trip that’s so eventful in so many ways, I could barely do it justice with a small book, let alone a blog. So, this is going to be the merest precis of what just happened; the longer version can wait until I have time to digest a few things that are still swirling […]


Cod love flies.

Codference talks up fly opportunities

In the world of flyfishing many of us tend to think of trout or maybe a tropical flats fishery rather than our native species. But this is starting to change. As one of a series of species-specific conferences, Fisheries Victoria conducted a Murray cod based ‘Codference’ in Shepparton recently. The event, funded through the Victorian Government’s […]


Another nice Goulburn brown on the PTN.

Goulburn River – Forget the Forecast

Weather can play a major role in some angling decisions. However with storms forecast and a sultry sky, I decided to head to my favourite river anyway – the mighty Goulburn. I’ve never really let weather predictions impact on my choice to go fishing or not. I arrived at McMartin’s Lane mid morning, confident of finding a fish or […]


Those dark specs are drowning beetle larvae as a lake at Millbrook starts to flood long-exposed ground. The longer the edges have been dry, the more food is likely to be flushed.

Rising Water

I’d forgotten what it’s like to actually hope it won’t rain, at least for a few days! In 2014 and 2015, no such indulgence was permitted. Our average annual rainfall here around Millbrook is about 800 mm but the last two years each struggled to make 600 mm. The 400 mm deficit really showed and by this year we needed some decent precipitation – […]


This high bank on the north-eastern shore of Lake Bullen Merri provides an excellent winter polaroiding vantage point.

Some lake tips for winter

To segue from JD’s last post, a succession of cold fronts, plummeting temperatures and welcome rain have all seen stream fishing slip away in my mind, to be replaced by the lakes. From my home near Ballarat, I can’t easily count how many decent winter lake fisheries are less than two hour’s drive. Candidates that […]


The Mitta tailwater in autumn is a great place to be.

The Mitta Mitta in Late April

Some years ago I spent a year in England and looking at Australia from that distance, I missed Victoria’s north-east the most. I like the clear, strongly flowing streams. I like the mountains. I like the golden poplars in autumn. And I love the trout fishing even if it is challenging. In fact, it is […]


A serious fish on a fly rod!

Hervey Bay Tuna

A couple of weeks ago a mate George and I started discussing a fishing trip to Hervey Bay, with the idea of camping on the island and polaroiding flats all weekend. The initial plan to take the ferry over and hike up to the flats along the beach was knocked on the head when we realised it […]


Early May snow in the Cobungra catchment. Once snow arrives water temps really start to plummet and the catchments with snow are best avoided.

Trout, temperature and the change of seasons

Just a few weeks ago I was focussed on finding cooler water to fish. As summer lingered into early March, tailwaters and the upper reaches of the natural streams were the places to be. Early mornings and right on dark proved the best times to find aquatic insects like caddis, mayfly spinners and mayfly duns […]


A few blackberry scratches getting in, no back cast, turbulent water that wants to drown the fly... Perfect!

Learning to Love Cover

A recent post on the FlyStream Forum has prompted me to write a few lines about how much trout value cover; and how to fish it. Sometimes I think it’s a wonder we can catch trout at all. Imagine the selective pressure for caution. Let’s say roughly a thousand eggs are laid by a hen fish, […]


Winners are grinners. Steve inches his flashy Woolly Bugger across a deep drop-off.

Some things I learnt in 2015

At the risk of sounding a bit New Age, the graph of a lifetime flyfishing journey would look like the ascent of a mountainside at first – maybe even a cliff! This would be followed by a gentler if almost infinite incline, interspersed by the occasional sharp step up and (hopefully) even rarer step down. […]