Christmas in August

Kiritimati (Christmas Island) is a wondrous place with its bleak, impossibly flat and dry landscape, juxtaposed with it’s amazing blue and gold-hued seascape. It’s lagoon and perimeter reef provide impressive vistas and consistent top-notch fishing. Eight of us headed off to Christmas Island just 12 days ago. One came back early and despite our travel sagas […]


Andy casting for herring

WA Herring

Andrew and I did our fisheries degrees together in Plymouth (in the eighties) and both ended up as fisheries bureacrats in Australia. Me in NSW and Victoria; Andrew in the NT, NSW and WA. We both cut our teeth on small trout streams in the UK, and each year I fish with Andrew in the […]


A serious fish on a fly rod!

Hervey Bay Tuna

A couple of weeks ago a mate George and I started discussing a fishing trip to Hervey Bay, with the idea of camping on the island and polaroiding flats all weekend. The initial plan to take the ferry over and hike up to the flats along the beach was knocked on the head when we realised it […]


A nice sailfish carefullly lifted into the boat for photo.


Billfish of all species are considered to be at the extreme end of flyfishing targets. Of these, sailfish are thought to be the fastest fish in the ocean. To put in perspective just how fast, a sailfish can swim at around 112km/h while a tarpon comes in barely half as quick with a top speed of ‘only’ 56km/h! It makes sense […]


With a tail and shape  like that, no wonder milkfish pull so hard.

Cape York Milkfish

Over winter, the AFO team hosted their annual milkfish trips to a remote location on the west coast of Cape York. The phenomenon our guides found there 6 years ago, provides one of the only targeted milkfish fisheries on the globe. It’s true milkfish are caught elsewhere but these are often cast-and-hope fisheries where you put your weed fly in amongst a carpet […]


The bream were still there, just a bit harder to fool.

Bream Again, South-west Vic

Apparently August has taken up where July left off in parts of Victoria, with the coldest first half of the month in 20 years. With today forecast to be the finest day in ages, it was a hard call where to go to make the most of the weather – a trout lake or two, […]


Aire River 029

Winter Bream, South-west Victoria

Several weeks ago I dutifully reported on my traditional winter bream fishing weekend down the Great Ocean Road with Max. The fishing was unusually tough; in fact maybe our toughest bream trip to date – one of those weekends when on some level (albeit irrational) you can start to doubt if the fish are actually […]



Caloundra QLD – Winter Idyll

Our family holiday to Caloundra, Queensland was never meant to be a fishing trip. No really, the main objective was a break from the central Victorian highlands winter with (hopefully) lots of sun, definitely lots of swimming, relaxing, bike riding and maybe a  bit of rainforest hiking thrown in. I threw in the 7 weight, […]


Even if the fishing was tough, the Aire River mouth was wildly beautiful as usual.

Casts and good Company – Apollo Bay

The long-established format goes like this: Max and I head to his place near Apollo Bay for a long weekend in midwinter, to be joined by Pete ands Mark. The date range is based on a decent late afternoon/evening high tide that coincides with a Friday to Monday, and we work back from there. This year, putting the four […]