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Cod and Trout in the Ovens Valley

Occasionally, along comes a fishing trip that’s so eventful in so many ways, I could barely do it justice with a small book, let alone a blog. So, this is going to be the merest precis of what just happened; the longer version can wait until I have time to digest a few things that are still swirling […]


Brook trout.

Western Snowy Mountains and upper NE Victoria 

I love heading up to Khancoban at this time of year for the fishing, swimming and hiking. This area, on the western side of the Snowy Mountains and back over the border into Victoria, really does have it all. Summer trips here have been a regular pilgrimage since I was in nappies. I really do feel at home, and as I wandered around […]



Back to the Mitta Valley

I have fished some fantastic and exotic places over the past 4 months, but the north-east of Victoria has proved to be an itch that, up until now, I haven’t been able to scratch. Reports of great fishing and regular rain events topping up the systems, have only added to my frustrations. So it was a relief when […]


Early success.

Exploring new waters – down to the Jordan

I find looking for new waters an exciting process. Maps are pored over, and Google is given an absolute hiding searching for any old articles/fishing reports/blogs, etc. that may give a clue to some hidden gem of a forgotten trout stream. Living in the Eildon area, surrounded by good trout fishing, means I don’t have to […]


A ripper from Woods.

Tasmania – mid-season review

It’s been an interesting season in Tasmania so far, following a very wet and cold winter. Consequently, everything has been running a few weeks behind, although there’s been some catchup with warmer weather in the past few weeks. Lakes The lakes have been fishing well overall, with some truly great fishing in patches; and fish have still been found even […]



Quick report on the Goulburn

Over the Christmas break I was lucky enough to head to my caravan at Thornton. The plan was to get away from the Christmas chaos back home and stay at the caravan for a couple of nights of solitude, sneaking in some morning fishing before my husbandly duties called. I’ve only fished the Goulburn on one other occasion […]


Tight casting...

A half day on the Taggerty

A few days ago my mate Brooklyn and I were fortunate enough to knock off work early, so we decided to hit the Taggerty River for an afternoon fish. We made the trek up and over the beautiful Black Spur, down to Marysville, and then to Lady Talbot Drive. Here we parked alongside the river and walked upstream to […]