The Waioeka River.

Late Autumn, North Island of New Zealand

I remember my first trip to New Zealand with John about ten years ago. It took all of an hour to organise. A quick email to Felix at Owen River Lodge to check availability, flights booked and calendars blocked. Busy people get things done! This current trip took a bit longer to organise. John has since […]



South Island rain, Willow Grubs and backcountry

I’ve always maintained that you really can’t plan a DIY New Zealand trip until about two days before you arrive. That’s because the weather forecast is only useful for about 3-4 days ahead, and the 10 day forecast, well that’s just an ambitious guess at best. This was certainly the case for my three friends […]


The first flush of dirty water made spotting difficult.

Dirty Water and Big Snouts

We all know that sometimes the best laid fishing plans and expectations can be turned on their head. This was certainly the case in late January with a huge cold front, rain and a bank of clouds hitting the South Island during our annual summer adventure. In the 7 years Fly Odyssey have been hosting groups to New […]


Another one on the nymph just before the rain arrived, day two.

Fishing with Felix

Around 20 years ago (neither of us can remember the exact date) I taught Felix to flyfish. Or more accurately, I gave him his first flyfishing lesson, since literally teaching someone to flyfish assumes an endpoint which I haven’t arrived at myself, let alone been able to pass on to someone else. Anyway, if you haven’t […]


Magic wate.r

According to plan – Turangi, NZ

I’m just back from my annual trip based out of Turangi in NZ’s North Island. About midway through the week we’d had another good day on the famous Tongariro River (FlyStream magazine issue 2) landing 8 wonderful rainbows. So, feeling smug, we – my brother David, nephew Jamie and I – knocked off early and went to the Turangi pub for dinner. Guide […]


Johns Daytime Providence brown

Eucumbene’s Providence Aggro Browns

I was doing my best to maintain a steady drift down the old Eucumbene river bed on Providence Flats, the electric motor was excellent at nudging the boat back into the channel and the action, if not relentless was pretty consistent. The first decent fish I hooked stripped line with classic big brown lunges and […]


Another to the black Stimulator.

South Island NZ – end of Jan 2015

I follow the weather pretty closely leading up to fishing trips especially when heading to New Zealand. More often than not I nervously watch the progress of cold fronts and rain-laden clouds and pray they miss! On this trip the complete opposite occurred. Little or no rain for the preceding 4-5 weeks saw me resorting to performing […]