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A day as an amateur guide

For a while now, a good friend has made enthusiastic noises about giving flyfishing a go. Sometimes, my blathering on about how much fun flyfishing is, leads the listener to shift their feet uncomfortably and their eyes glaze over. However, Aidan actually asked questions instead of trying to escape. And having recently inherited some fly gear, he seemed persistent enough in his interest […]


It's hard not to feel a bit better in an environment like this.

One of those days…

It had been one of those days. You know the type – you get to work with a plan of what you need to do, but the phone doesn’t stop ringing, and there’s a wall of emails where everyone needs something done ASAP. The day flies by, but at the end of it, despite running around […]


Overlooking the Suicide Hole on The Eucumbene River

The ugliest rainbow?

You never stop learning as a flyfisher, and none more so than when you’re teaching. This weekend was first class. Three really eager fishers wanting to learn to cast, and a very experienced fisher wanting some flyfishing-from-a-boat tips. John, Matt and Kieran came down for the weekend and apart from the casting, we fished the […]


The Frying Pan arm heatwave

Eucumbene heatwave!

Like the rest of the State, we’re getting the heatwave and the lake is tough. Really tough. Hot and sultry conditions are driving the fish deep and even the trollers are whinging! So over the weekend Stephen and I set off for the Eucumbene River and fished downstream from Kiandra. A nor ’westerly wind channelling […]


There's a cod in there.

Cod Again – North-east Victoria

My first cod trip to north-east Victoria a couple of weeks back was very much dipping my toe in cod water, so to speak. No commitments to keep, no expectations, nothing to prove and some fine trout fishing as back-up if needed. This weekend’s trip was different. On the back of the remarkable and truly […]


Woods Lagoon brown

Five days in the Apple Isle

Mixing fishing trips with other travel doesn’t always work but Tasmania is such a unique place that days spent doing other things seem to go almost as quickly as those spent fishing. This trip was the same. A relaxing long weekend for Australia Day on the beach with a hill walk to Wineglass Bay merged […]


Droning the Eucumbene River

Snowies – hopper time?

The perfect conditions for hoppers involve plenty of grass, hot weather, and especially dry conditions. When it rains a lot, the hoppers and their eggs can disappear. Over the last few weeks on the Eucumbene River we’ve seen a lot of small hoppers. Then we have our weekly deluge and we don’t see them for a […]


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Cod and Trout in the Ovens Valley

Occasionally, along comes a fishing trip that’s so eventful in so many ways, I could barely do it justice with a small book, let alone a blog. So, this is going to be the merest precis of what just happened; the longer version can wait until I have time to digest a few things that are still swirling […]


Brook trout.

Western Snowy Mountains and upper NE Victoria 

I love heading up to Khancoban at this time of year for the fishing, swimming and hiking. This area, on the western side of the Snowy Mountains and back over the border into Victoria, really does have it all. Summer trips here have been a regular pilgrimage since I was in nappies. I really do feel at home, and as I wandered around […]