Autumn colours on the Tumut - a very pretty (and productive) time to fish.

Tumut River Flyfishing Competition, May

Over the 6th and 7th of May, I was fortunate to fish in the NSW river comp which was held on the Tumut river. During much of the year, the Tumut runs very high, around 5000ML/day or more due to irrigation demand. However, in autumn it can drop back to 900ML/day, which is a perfect […]


Chris and Wendy with a wild trout - moving up high in the catchment to find cooler water mid summer proved effective.

Should I stay or should I go?

Working in a fly shop, I hear many stories about some people having great fishing – and some having poor fishing – on the same river or lake. A typical comment is, “How is it that my mate went there two weeks ago and cleaned up, yet I blanked on the same piece of water?” One thing to consider is whether that […]


Tantangara Brumbies on the move

May in the Mountains

There is something about the mountain country at the beginning of May. For much of the year the countryside transitions from Canberra to Cooma and onwards, with vegetation becoming progressively sparser, and colours lightening in shades of green or burnt brown depending on the season, with the southerly progression. But for just a few weeks each […]


Max trying to dodge the Talbot redfin while waiting for a rise.

Late Autumn or Early Winter? Tullaroop and Talbot

The calendar might say autumn, but winter certainly seems keen to grab the stage up here in the central highlands of Victoria. While we haven’t had much rain compared to our sopping-wet April, May temperatures are already running below average, and we’re still in the supposedly warmer half of the month. Packing for yesterday’s lake […]


Low flows, clear water and rising fish. Lot to like about the Goulburn.

Autumn Report, Goulburn River

You know its autumn on the Goulburn when the irrigation season ends and the flows back off. You don’t have to follow the reports from Goulburn Murray Water – you can tell the river has dropped even before you see it. The giveaway is the sudden increase in cars parked at Gilmores Bridge. The lower flows […]


Guy Fawkes River.

Exploring the New England Region in NSW

I’ve signed up to fish in my first flyfishing competition in May this year on the Tumut River. Stewart Dick – who regularly writes for this blog – convinced me to register a couple of months ago and I’m really glad he did, as it has been great having something to work towards to improve my fishing. […]


Lake or stream? I had a mental image of Wartook looking somrthing like this, which helped sway us.

Wandering Around Wartook

Perhaps more than any other month, April sees me torn between lakes and streams. On the one hand, it won’t be too many more weeks before a lot of streams slip into winter mode and are either closed, or too cold for anything other than fishing to prove it’s still possible. It would be nice to get […]



SE Queensland Tuna in Autumn

My recent fishing efforts have all been chasing longtail tuna and by ‘efforts’, I mean I’ve managed to get out twice. The first time was on the stand-up paddleboards (SUPs); the second time was definitely not on stand-up paddle boards! The SUPs offer the opportunity to get very close to fish without spooking them, however there […]



Eucumbene spawn run – prelude in G minor

The weekend shot by, even with a Friday chucked in for good measure. The weather had the feel of a change about it; a crispness in the air temperature, with dewy mornings and a lot of light, high level cloud that took progressively longer to burn off as the weekend passed. I’d planned some small stream […]