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A Short Winter’s Day at Purrumbete

After a leisurely start this morning, which included washing ice off the windscreen, Raymond and I arrived at Lake Purrumbete around 11 am. The sky was mostly blue, the water its usual midwinter clear, and light ripple brushed across the lake, fading from time to time to dead calm. I walked inland and down to […]


Brown Trout 0010

Proposed regs. promote Put & Grow, and wild trout

After extensive consultation, Fisheries Victoria are proposing two important changes for the better to Victoria’s trout fishing regulations. First up, for our wild trout fisheries in north-east Victoria, the proposal is to introduce a 25cm minimum size for trout and to reduce the bag limit from 5 to 3 trout for the following waters: Nariel […]


Max fishing the Barham.

Flying Blind on the West Coast

Fishing blind? I know some people who just won’t do it. For them, it’s sight fishing or nothing. And it isn’t difficult to make an argument for the latter over the former. Aside from the immeasurable confidence boost that comes from casting to a fish you can actually see, there’s the excitement of watching its […]



Snowies Report – Tantangara and Nungar

Well, there isn’t an awful lot to report from the Snowies, other than there isn’t much snow, and it’s eerily quiet now the rivers are closed. Camps were being broken down and by Monday afternoon, processions of cars headed east and west out of town, the occasional backward look, a real sense of calm descending […]


Where there's water, there's hope - we went from nothing but cold fingers, to double hook-ups.

Bream, and a final stream trout

The arrival of winter used to bring with it a sense of slowing down as my flyfishing options contracted to lake fishing for trout. Not that I didn’t enjoy the winter lakes – still do – but in fishing terms, the closed streams counted towards a nett loss. Then, several years ago, I discovered the winter bream fishing on Victoria’s […]


Fingers don't always work as well as they should - no matter how hard you concentrate!

Snowies report – The hunt for cold and interesting

What a great weekend, freezing mornings, blue sky windless days, and pink diamond sunsets. Classic Snowies early winter. There have been plenty of reports of good browns being caught by boats trolling – from the top of Lake Eucumbene all the way to Middlingbank (suggesting they’re later moving up the lake than normal). Generally, flyfishing reports […]


More idyllic water - there's not much else on the Test!

A day on the Hampshire Test

Stockbridge in Hampshire is one of those towns which really comes alive during the flyfishing season, with mayfly hatches bringing fishing tourism to its peak during May. The town is well located with the famous River Test running through it and various gastro-pubs and hotels servicing the generally well-to-do clientele chasing the Test browns. In the heart of […]




The latest issue of FlyStream has arrived. There’s lots to read up on for sunnier times, but also plenty to get you out on the water right now, avoiding cabin fever. Most streams may be closed, but I rate the next 3 months as one of the best times to hit the Victorian lakes. With water conditions […]


Kiel with a big midge feeder from Tumut Pond Reservoir.

Late Autumn in the Snowy Mountains

There’s something about the Snowy Mountains late in the season – crisp cool air, autumn leaves in full colour and usually, spectacular flyfishing. This inspires me and a few mates to make a last-ditch effort to fish the streams and lakes before winter truly closes in. This trip, we fished three spots: the Eucumbene River, some high country streams […]



Eucumbene River Spawn Run

The Eucumbene spawn run isn’t for everyone – but for anyone wanting to catch a decent fish that’s keen to be caught it can be a lot of fun. For those worried about the ethics of spawn run fishing, we need to remember that all over the world there are recreational and commercial salmonid fisheries […]