Snowies Report – Tantangara and Nungar

Well, there isn’t an awful lot to report from the Snowies, other than there isn’t much snow, and it’s eerily quiet now the rivers are closed. Camps were being broken down and by Monday afternoon, processions of cars headed east and west out of town, the occasional backward look, a real sense of calm descending […]


Fingers don't always work as well as they should - no matter how hard you concentrate!

Snowies report – The hunt for cold and interesting

What a great weekend, freezing mornings, blue sky windless days, and pink diamond sunsets. Classic Snowies early winter. There have been plenty of reports of good browns being caught by boats trolling – from the top of Lake Eucumbene all the way to Middlingbank (suggesting they’re later moving up the lake than normal). Generally, flyfishing reports […]



Eucumbene River Spawn Run

The Eucumbene spawn run isn’t for everyone – but for anyone wanting to catch a decent fish that’s keen to be caught it can be a lot of fun. For those worried about the ethics of spawn run fishing, we need to remember that all over the world there are recreational and commercial salmonid fisheries […]


Tantangara Brumbies on the move

May in the Mountains

There is something about the mountain country at the beginning of May. For much of the year the countryside transitions from Canberra to Cooma and onwards, with vegetation becoming progressively sparser, and colours lightening in shades of green or burnt brown depending on the season, with the southerly progression. But for just a few weeks each […]



Eucumbene spawn run – prelude in G minor

The weekend shot by, even with a Friday chucked in for good measure. The weather had the feel of a change about it; a crispness in the air temperature, with dewy mornings and a lot of light, high level cloud that took progressively longer to burn off as the weekend passed. I’d planned some small stream […]


In the net.

Eucumbene smelters (and mudeyes)

This weekend was the first time I’ve seen fish smelting on Lake Eucumbene. I’ve seen it in Victoria, in Tasmania, and in New Zealand but this was pretty amazing. It was dusk and my first thought was that a water rat was splashing in the shallows. Casting to the odd rising fish and walking along the […]


Cloudy skies are already clearing

Eucumbene report

Well Autumn has arrived and we’ve had a few days of very welcome rain and drizzle on the burnt countryside – which should take some of the heat out of the land, rivers, and lakes – but the sun is back today, as hot as ever. The warm water layer on the lake surface has been […]


Overlooking the Suicide Hole on The Eucumbene River

The ugliest rainbow?

You never stop learning as a flyfisher, and none more so than when you’re teaching. This weekend was first class. Three really eager fishers wanting to learn to cast, and a very experienced fisher wanting some flyfishing-from-a-boat tips. John, Matt and Kieran came down for the weekend and apart from the casting, we fished the […]


The Frying Pan arm heatwave

Eucumbene heatwave!

Like the rest of the State, we’re getting the heatwave and the lake is tough. Really tough. Hot and sultry conditions are driving the fish deep and even the trollers are whinging! So over the weekend Stephen and I set off for the Eucumbene River and fished downstream from Kiandra. A nor ’westerly wind channelling […]