It was one of those days where you have to get everything just right..

Beginners and Autumn Streams

A month ago I introduced Aidan to the art of flyfishing and the joys of slapping down hoppers to hungry trout, intent on gorging themselves ahead of leaner times in winter. In hindsight, the fishing had been so good, it set an unrealistic benchmark for future trips. Despite warm weather and a number hoppers still jumping around […]


Choosing the right fly (hopefully!) for fussy Kiewa sippers.

Summer to Autumn, NE Victoria

After who knows how many thousands of kilometres of fishing trips (many with me in the passenger seat) Max’s trusty Range Rover was retired last week. From cruising country freeways, to crawling up and down goat tracks in the Snowy Mountains and Victorian Alps, she never missed a beat – not in my company anyway. […]


Stormy skies and clearing rain. Perfect?

A Tough Day

Between my own fishing trips near and far, I guide at Millbrook Lakes near Ballarat. That’s where I found myself on Monday, almost licking my lips in anticipation of a great day. After weeks of warm, sunny and often windless conditions, the weather systems were changing. The day’s forecast promised cloud, some rain and even […]


The Royal Wulff is a buggy fly that trout all over the world have eaten for decades.

Maybe it’s me

So I’m at my fly vice with the usual array of fur, feather, plastic, cottons and silks, and some bizarre metal instruments that would seem more at home in an operating theatre or dental surgery, and I’m deep in thought. I’ve decided to go and fish a small stream near home, however I feel I’m short of the ‘right’ fly. […]


Back to the trout rod.

Early Autumn, King Valley

With the autumn issue of FlyStream magazine to finish and some significant family events to attend, fishing time has been a little scarce lately. So when two clear days came up at the beginning of this week, it wasn’t a question of if, but where? When you’ve had a few weeks where the longest fishing trip […]


The Snowy above Isaland Bend at low (environmental) flow.

Snowy Streams Pt 2

Having learned about the Snowy River at school, and read its name in famous poems, I’d always wanted to explore its upper reaches with a fly rod. As part of the Snowy Scheme, the river has three major dams along its course, with Guthega Dam at the top, then Island Bend Pondage, and finally Lake […]


High country brook trout.

Hopper and Beetle Time, Snowy Streams PT 1

Good friend and long-time Crazy Trout Hunter, Darren, joined me and my father Rod for the beginning of a 7 day flyfishing adventure around the Snowy Mountains, based from my home in Cooma. We packed the necessary goods for an overnight mission, including fly boxes loaded with hoppers and beetles. Daz was full of excitement as we told him what he could expect, […]



Issue 14 Out Now

The latest issue of our FlyStream magazine has just been released, with nearly a hundred pages of online reading for those autumn days when you can’t actually be fishing. Steve Dunn tours the Murrumbidgee and Eucumbene rivers from top to bottom, and makes some interesting comparisons. Josh Hutchins guides a lot, but he’s also the […]


FullSizeRender 3 (2)

A day as an amateur guide

For a while now, a good friend has made enthusiastic noises about giving flyfishing a go. Sometimes, my blathering on about how much fun flyfishing is, leads the listener to shift their feet uncomfortably and their eyes glaze over. However, Aidan actually asked questions instead of trying to escape. And having recently inherited some fly gear, he seemed persistent enough in his interest […]


It's hard not to feel a bit better in an environment like this.

One of those days…

It had been one of those days. You know the type – you get to work with a plan of what you need to do, but the phone doesn’t stop ringing, and there’s a wall of emails where everyone needs something done ASAP. The day flies by, but at the end of it, despite running around […]